What we do

Governance and participatory planning

Participate planning is based on the role of any single citizen for the building of a policy-making shared with political institutions and encompasses all the possible relations between citizens or citizen associations and political authorities in the context of a local territory. Therefore, local communities become active actors of a shared plan based on environmental, social and economic expectations, as valuable support to the territorial planning.

We utilize the methodologies of participatory planning as a support for public and private institutions that want to involve stakeholders in the definition of modern political strategies and projects of public interest.

Participatory planning methodologies basically regard:


  • Environmental requalification and landscape redevelopment
  • Energy planning
  • Territorial planning
  • Educational activities with primary and secondary school students


There are several methodologies useful for participatory planning that can be successfully adapted to any local community and context, thus considering the examined subject, as example: focus groups, technical tables, conflict solving, workshops (with application of   EASW – European Awareness Scenario Workshop, G.O.P.P. – Goal Oriented Project Planning e S.W.O.T – Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)