What we do

Environment and local development

Sferalab collaborates with public institutions local, regional and trans-regional; public parks; Italian and foreign universities; the Italian Ministry of Environment (MATTM), small cities and consortia of cities for supporting them in the processes of local strategical planning, in particular on thematic areas  as hydric resources management, energy conservation and climatic change.

Sferalab team works as methodological and technical support for project facilitation and planning, Sferalab team coordinates multidisciplinary local projects such as River Contracts and projects on co-planning for the management and conservation of public hydric resources, at hydrographic basin scale.


Several projects have been planned, coordinated and successfully managed by Sferalab team in the Piedmont region, such as: “Contratto di Fiume del bacino del Torrente Sangone”, “Contratto di Lago del bacino dei Laghi di Avigliana”, “Contratto di Fiume del Bormida”, “Contratto di Fiume della Stura” and the strategic environmental evaluation of  “Contratto di Lago di Viverone”.  Sferalab team has also participated to the “Contratto di Fiume del Marzenego” in the Veneto region, thus giving technical and scientific support during the facilitation process.

In the past, Sferalab team has also managed several Agenda 21 projects in different contexts both regional than national, thus obtaining remarkably successful results for the local authorities involved

Since 2003, Sferalab has coordinated a national work group called “Agenda 21 and small – medium cities”. Sferalab team has carried out  the guidelines for medium – small cities Agenda 21 process, and this valuable experience has successively made possible a central role of Sferalab team in similar projects in the Piedmont region at local and international level.

In some regional areas, Sferalab, in collaboration with local authorities has obtained the approval of Action Plan of local Agenda 21 and other documents on strategic planning. In 2012 Sferalab team ha actively promoted the creation of the “Local Agenda 21 for medium/small cities: landscape and participation” group